We do our homework
Our disciplined and diligent approach to all our investments sees us thoroughly research every acquisition to ensure that the investment will reward investors.  Our investors appreciate the fact that we are conservative by nature and achieve attractive returns by assuming “mitigated risk”.

We are partners in your success
The Directors of Scope are so confident in the success of the properties they acquire, that they invest into every syndicate, without exception.  “Unlike some other syndicators we don’t only invest other people’s money, we also invest our own.”  Ensuring that our interests remain aligned with those of our investors.

Building strong relationships
Scope constantly look for ways to improve the value and income streams of all our properties.  We stay close to our tenants, minimize vacancies, identify other opportunities and build strong relationships with all key stakeholders.

Peace of Mind
Scope is licensed through the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) to raise wholesale equity funds. Our Australian Financial Services License is 299352.
Scope Property Management Pty Ltd, who manage all our assets, are licensed Real Estate Agents – Triennial Certificate No. 60743.

Doing it right
Transparency is one of Scope’s fundamental principles. We provide clear, concise documentation, a simple fee structure, and each property is a standalone investment.
We provide our investors with all the appropriate information in a comprehensive Information Memorandum allowing them to make an informed investment decision.

A complete approach
Our means of property selection, syndicate structuring, tenant management, capital enhancement and investor communications are all structured with these objectives in mind.

Our investors take comfort that Scope’s team of property and finance professionals have considerable industry specific experience including:

  • Opportunity identification and analysis;
  • Property management;
  • Project management;
  • Leasing, contract negotiation and tenant relations;
  • Corporate finance; and
  • Funds management and accounting.

We remove all the headaches for the investor, providing them with the comfort of knowing their property investment is being managed in the best possible manner.