Scope Property Group Pty Ltd is a client-focused, specialist property syndicator whose key objective is to provide sophisticated investors with opportunities to invest in the commercial property market.

Focused solely on maximising wealth creation and security for our investors, Scope only acquire high yielding, secure investments with multiple strands of value where we can substantially de-risk the asset, whilst also providing our investors with strong income streams coupled with sound capital growth. 

We actively engage with our investors on an ongoing basis to ensure that their individual needs and expectations are satisfied throughout the entire investment.  Right from the outset of all investments made by Scope, our interests are completely aligned with those of our investors.

Scope adopts a patient and diligent approach to property syndication, considering all factors, both long and short term before presenting any opportunity to our investors.  This approach sees us review numerous opportunities every year with only a small number meeting our stringent investment criteria, meaning our investors can be confident that we have a level of information and understanding that gives us the confidence to invest.  Not only ours, but also that of our investors.